The Average Human Vagina

The Average Human Vagina

 “In general, there are surprisingly few descriptions of normal female genitalia in the medical literature. In contrast, measurements for male genitals are widely available and were published as early as 1899.” And perhaps most shocking: “…even some recent text books of anatomy do not include the clitoris on diagrams of female pelvis. ”


There’s no such thing as Normal!

Here’s to our first Podcast ladies, where we’ll be discussing sex and firsts; what to expect, what to consider and what to watch out for.  If you like the podcast stay tuned for next week’s podcast and do spread the word.

Keep on Pillow Talking!

Vancouver Youth Clinics

Family doctors are great.  They know your medical history, which can make a huge difference in the quality of care you recieve during a visit.  But sometimes talking to a doctor who delivered you (has known you for a long time) about starting birth control or having sex for the first time isn’t all that appealing.  That is why there are FREE youth clinics located around Vancouver, just for you!  If you want more information Vancouver Coastal Health has a great website that we suggest you check out.  




If you’d like to learn more please visit the link below, this is where we found our information.  Vancouver Coastal Health is a great resource!

Sex Talk in the City

Sex Talk in the City

A fantastically curated exhibition. This section was particularly intriguing! Kids’ questions written all over a class room desks.
If you’re in Vancouver do make the time and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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